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Crash Reporting in .NET

Posted by Ricibald on 6th August 2013

In your .NET windows application you can’t catch all exceptions. There are critical exceptions that leaves your application inconsistent: in this case let your app crash.

But wait… and error reports? You have two alternatives:

  • use the native Microsoft solution: Windows Error Reporting (WER). It’s not easy to customize but it’s fully integrated in Win OS (i.e. when your application freezes). Here how to use WER.
  • use an off-the-shelf crash reporting library:

Note: if your application is an ASP.NET application, just use the excellent ELMAH

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How to Maximize Wpf Window only vertically or horizontally

Posted by Ricibald on 5th November 2009

To maximize Wpf Window only vertically or horizontally simply use this snippet code:

    public partial class MyWindow : Window
        public MyWindow()
        private void fillHeight()
            PropertyChangedCallback tmpChanged =
                (source, args) =>
                        var workArea = (Rect)args.NewValue;
                        this.Height = workArea.Height;
            DependencyProperty tmp = DependencyProperty.Register("tmp", typeof (Rect), typeof (Window), new PropertyMetadata(new PropertyChangedCallback(tmpChanged)));
            this.SetResourceReference(tmp, SystemParameters.WorkAreaKey);

In this way you can subscribe to notifications of a DynamicResource when you have to convert the value.

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